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If your health and fitness is top of the agenda for you this year you may be looking to celebrities for inspiration. We take a look at the top celebrity diets in LA that are easy to follow with the help of Naturewell LA juice bar.

We take a look at the top trends that may suit your needs:

  1. The Keto Diet

This high-fat, low-carb diet shows no signs of going away as more and more celebs look and feel great after a few weeks on this diet.

  1. Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are still very popular in LA with celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Aniston following this diet in order to detox.

  1. The Nordic Diet

The Nordic Diet focuses on 10 core concepts that include avoiding additives and processed foods and eating lots of fruit and vegetables. The team at Naturewell Juice Bar make the best smoothies in LA so that you can follow this diet with no problems.

  1. The Mediterranean Diet

This famous diet has had more studies than any other and the vegetable and low protein heavy basis of this diet means many celebs still follow it to this day.

  1. DASH Diet

This diet focuses on food such as vegetables and fruits that can lessen the chances of suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

To be a part of the latest LA celebrity diet trends head to Naturewell Juice Bar when you are next in town and we will have a superfood smoothie ready quicker than you can say