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Clean Eating is actually a lifestyle choice  as opposed to a quick way to lose weight. In essence, Clean Eating is all about eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods in order to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. This diet is popular with LA celebrities such as Tom Brady and Kylie Jenner who swear by detoxes.

Most Clean Eating diets require a 3-day cleanse, to rid your body of any toxins, before moving on to a Clean-Eating meal plan. You can choose to eat clean for longer periods but this is not recommended and you should never detox for longer than 7 days as you will not get the nutrients that you r body needs.

Eat Clean with Naturewell LA Juice Bar

When it comes to eating clean, it is not all about food, you need to watch what you drink also. Naturewell Juice bar is the place to beef you want the best smoothies LA has to offer as well as the best cold pressed juice. We also have lots of acai bowls to choose  from, intact we have the best acai bowls LA has to offer too!

If you are clean eating and need to snack we stock a wide range of natural, organic, and raw products that can keep hunger at bay without resorting to processed food.

Our staff are super helpful and are at hand to advise you on the best smoothies and juices to help you eat clean and feel clean.

If you are eating clean and looking for ‘cold press juice near me’ when you are on an LA vacation then head to Naturewell Juice bar where you will also find the best smoothies Los Angeles has to offer.