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Important for Blood Pressure

Magnesium helps the body regulate blood pressure, which can rise quickly as we get older and when we exercise frequently. If you are worried about you blood pressure you should seek medical support, but if you are for and healthy and want it to stay that way, magnesium can be found in many fruits and vegetables, including spinach, kales, bananas, and raspberries. Naturewell Juice Bar serves the best smoothies in LA  that contain many of these items.

Essential for Mental Health

Magnesium is also great for improving mental health as it can reduce anxiety and support the body in boosting dopamine levels that can combat depression. If you are working hard, feeling stressed or run down, or if you have trouble sleeping, magnesium capsules may be beneficial. When focusing on our health we are very quick to lose weight and exercise in order to fix our appearance and our mental health is put to one side. Ensuring there is enough magnesium in your diet is one step in the right direction when it comes to positive mental health.

Magnesium can be found in the food we eat, particularly leafy greens, fish and beans, but many of our modern diets are lacking in it, so some people turn to supplements.You can actually get magnesium from drinking smoothies on a regular basis that contain fruits and vegetables that are high in magnesium. Many of the smoothies that we sell at Naturewell contain your RDA of essential vitamins and minerals so that you do not need to take any supplements—that is why we are known as the best juice bar in Los Angeles!

To get your magnesium intake for the day and enjoy the best smoothie in Los Angeles, call into Naturewell Juice Bar today.