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As our body does not store vitamin C, we need to consume it every day in order to stay healthy and feel its true benefits. A healthy intake of vitamin C will give you a powerful antioxidant boost, that will in turn protect you from problems with your heart and your immune system.

Synthetic Vitamin C, that we see in most supermarkets and health stores,  does not metabolise well in the body. For those lacking in vitamin C, synthetic supplants will help but it is always best to look for natural sources of vitamin C. Naturewell Juice Bar serves the best acai bowls in LA alongside the best cold press juice in the city.

Vitamin C in Food

The usual suspects pop up when you look up what foods are rich in vitamin C, think oranges, berries and kiwi. There are, however, many other foods that give your body a good boost of our favourite vitamin. Green vegetables, like broccoli and kale, allow you to have a regular intake during dinner and you can get it from more exotic fruits, like papaya, if you want a change. The great thing about foods rich in vitamin C is that they are light and easy to digest, which is essential when we are feeling run down and cannot stomach heavy foods. Be careful not to overcook your vegetables, as this will reduce the vitamin C content, plus who needs soggy vegetables anyway.

Now you know that mum was right all along, it is time to evaluate your vitamin C intake, to make sure that you are benefiting from all of these wonderful properties. If you want to enjoy the best smoothies LA has to offer, head to Naturewell Juice Bar and enjoy every type of fruit that you can imagine.