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Clean eating is popular among LA residents and you can be a part of the LA clean eating trend when you visit on vacation. Clean eating, as championed from the likes of Kate Hudson and Mariah Caery involves avoiding processed foods that are high in sugar and fat and eating natural products that are good for us.

Naturewell Juice Bar serves the best smoothies in LA along with the best cold pressed juice LA has to offer. If you are looking for smoothies that are good for clean eating, some of our best recipes include:

 Coconut Cardamom

 Using almond milk and agave for natural sweetness, this delicious coconut based smoothie is very clean but very tasty.

 Super Acai Smoothie

 Packed full of acai, berries, banana and apple juice, this super smoothie will put a bounce in your step and see you through the difficult new year days

 Coconut Kale

 Super greens and coconut meat make up the majority of this clean smoothie that will provide plenty of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins that will leave your body feeling refreshed.


 A super berry infused smoothie that will help with digestion and boost your immune system so that you no longer feel sluggish and suffer from less colds and infections. A favorite at Naturewell Juice Bar.

 Pineapple Sensation

 Pineapples offer the perfect pick me up after a heavy holiday season and this super zingy smoothie is naturally sweet and naturally good.

 These are just a few of the best clean-eating smoothies on our menu. If you want to try the best smoothies in Los Angeles as part of your clean eating plan, come and try the Naturewell LA Juice Bar menu today.