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2019 has seen an even further increase in the number of people following a vegan or vegetarian diet. If you are wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle and are looking to reduce your meat intake, a flexitarian, or ‘semi-vegetarian’ diet may suit you. It can be difficult for meat lovers to completely cut out meat so a flexible diet is a more conscious way to consume animal products.

The benefits of a flexitarian diet include:

  • Weight-loss-by eating less processed meat and red meat you can shed a few pounds. If you are building muscle you can use your meat allowance to eat low-fat protein such as chicken and pork
  • Higher vitamin intake-by increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits you will naturally get more of your RDA of essential vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and B12 complex
  • You need less willpower-as you are not gong ‘cold turkey’ you are more likely to stick to a healthier diet. If you feel like meat one day you can have it and just make the commitment to have a meat-free day the following day
  • Better for the environment-many people turn to a vegetarian diet to reduce the impact on the planet of eating meat in excess. While you still will eat some meat and fish you will significantly lower your carbon footprint
  • You can enjoy an experimental diet-being flexitarian is lots of fun as you will be encouraged to try foods that you have not tasted before. You can have particular fun trying new plant-based protein products such as tofu and chickpeas.

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