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As we head into the second part of the year you may be asking yourself, ‘why haven’t I stuck to my weight-loss goals’. Don’t worry, you are not on your own. Many of us begin the year with good intentions and then we get caught up with life. Instead of just settling for where you are, you can begin your weight-loss journey again with the help of Naturewell Juice Bar. 

A Balanced Diet

To maintain a healthy weight it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet and to take regular exercise, which is where the hard part comes in. One way that you can stick to your weigh-loss goals is to follow a juice detox ahead of summer. A juice detox can be prepared in advance and juices can easily transported in your bag that you are not tempted by eating unhealthy food and snacks.

Healthy Juices

All of Naturewell Juice Bar’s cold-press juices are packed full of natural ingredients. Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and kale are not only low in calories they will help cleanse your liver and boost your immune system—which is exactly what you want from a juice detox. The fruits in our cold-pressed juices and smoothie, such as oranges and pineapples will also help lose weight and fight off colds.

Your health and safety are at the forefront of everything we do which is why our menus are built around some of the most popular diets around. We have low-carb cold pressed for those on a keto diet or the Atkins diet and low-calories cold pressed juice for those on a calorie counting diet.

Some of our best-selling cold-press juices include:

  • Cold Buster
  • Nutri-tonic
  • Anti-virus
  • G-Immunity
  • Healthy Heart

To taste the best cold-press juices in LA has to offer and to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables in a fun way, visit Naturewell Juice Bar LA today.