If you are feeling unhappy and irritable it is time to plan a little self care so that you can get a spring back in your step. The first steps to getting into a positive mindset it to eat more healthy foods and to take more exercise.

Healthy Diet

Like many of us, you probably eat lunch at your desk at least once a week, grab something to eat on-the-go, or resort to quick microwave meals when you get home from work late. STOP! Foods that are high in fat and sugar will make you feel lethargic, so replace meals with healthy options that contain lots of fruit and vegetables. Instead of eating at your desk you can go for a walk, sit outside or simply head to the canteen so that you take a break from your desk. Naturewell Juice Bar LA has a wide range of takeout smoothies, acai bowls, and cold press juices that are a great way of providing energy throughout the day.


Feel too tired to exercise? Not enough time to exercise daily? Rethink your daily activity, as evidence shows that the more you exercise, the more energy you will have. Exercising will give you a way to shake off your stresses of the day and will boost your adrenaline levels. If you are feeling a little lonely, participating in team sports is a great mood booster.

To enjoy one of the best vegan smoothies LA has to offer, either before or after your workout, head to Naturewell Juice Bar today.

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