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20 Tips For Improving Your Health And Fitness

Here at Naturewell Juice Bar LA we offer a range of high-quality smoothies and the best cold press juice in LA has to offer. We are passionate about all things health and believe that making small changes to your diet and exercise regime can make a huge difference to your overall fitness.

Take a look at our top 20 tips on how you can improve your health:

  1. Cut down on sugary drinks, including sports drinks and juices and choose healthier options such as water or milk instead.
  2. Follow the World Health Organization advice by eating a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.
  3. Keeping our body hydrated should be number one on your list when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. If you struggle to drink plain water you can add a touch of lemon or lime to add flavor.
  4. Fiber from whole grains can help reduce cholesterol and is much healthier than processed grains.
  5. Ensure your diet is varied and contains all food groups, including no more than 100g of carbohydrates if you are wanting to lose weight.
  6. Keep your vegetables tasting great and packed full of nutrition by gently steaming them rather than boiling them.
  7. Cut down on heavily processed food such as cakes, chips, and cereal as they are packed full of sugar and fat.
  8. Drink at minimum 2 litres of water per day.
  9. Don’t opt for your ‘go to’ meal at your favourite restaurant. Most places will have a range of healthy options for you to choose from. Naturewell juice bar LA has a range of low-calorie options.
  10. When at a restaurant ask for extra vegetables with your meal or extra portions of fruit and veg in your smoothie.
  11. Exercise on an empty stomach -several publications show that fasted exercise burns 20-30% more fat.
  12. If you struggle to get your recommended daily allowance of vitamins from your food take a daily multi-vitamin or, even better, try a smoothie!
  13. Slowly reduce any added sugar you have in tea or coffee – your taste buds will adapt in time.
  14. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  15. Keep a wellness diary – rank your mood and wellbeing on a daily basis. If you fall off plan write down how it makes you feel and how great you feel when you stick to it.
  16. Get some fresh air at lunchtime to get you out of the office. Even a small walk will do you good.
  17. Reduce your caffeine intake and opt for herbal tea instead.
  18. Learn to embrace change rather than stress about matters out of your control.
  19. Do something that makes you laugh at least once a day.

Switch off the TV and spend more time living your life.

Naturewell Juice Bar understands the importance of your health and wellbeing, which is why we are a brand that you can trust. While we are awesome at creating natural and healthy fruit and vegetable based recipes, we are not health experts.

The information that we share on our blogs is based on our own personal experiences and research carried out by those in the health and wellbeing industry. We refer to the FDA and the USA Department of Health and Human Services for guidelines

Any information, recommendations, suggestions, testimonials, or advice that we offer regarding diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle should be discussed with your doctor or a qualified health professional. Any changes to your lifestyle may involve taking risks so it is important to understand that the information you receive on our website or in person, and from our product descriptions do not take the place of official medical advice.

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