3824 W Sunset Blvd.. Los Angeles. CA 90026

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The health food scene in Los Angeles is just as popular as the city’s famous film industry, which is why quality stores like Naturewell LA Juice Bar is the perfect location for your next shoot.  Film production companies like to be at the forefront of trends and what better way to show you are in tune with that latest happenings in the city than working with the leading juice and smoothie bar in the city.

Professional Services

Naturewell is a fresh brand led by experienced team members who can meet the needs of demanding filming schedules. The use of our bright and spacious juice bar will bring a true taste of LA lifestyle to your production. We all know how hectic LA life can be and we are aware of the demands that filmmakers face every day so we can assure you that our food trucks will be delivered just where you need them and be out of your way as soon as you are done—you shouldn’t expect anything else from the best smoothie bar in Los Angeles.

Community Ambassadors

Our vibrant juice bar is decorated to a high-quality and is always clean and ready to use by local film and TV crews. We love to reflect the energy of the city and the people of the city and you certainly get that feel as soon as you step through the door. Naturewell brings all corners of the community together and that vibe will reflect in your TV show so that your audience gets a true taste of the city.

If you are looking for a first-class performance from an established LA business that you can trust, then Naturewell Juice Bar is ready for your next big event at our place.