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 When we think of olds containing gluten most of us will think of bread, pasta, and grains. There are, however, lots of foods that contain gluten, some of which are often added to ready-made smoothies. If you love smoothies but are concerned about your gluten-free smoothies, you can put your trust in Naturewell Juice Bar LA.

A Rise in Gluten Intolerances

With a rise in the number of people diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, the food world is seeking alternative to our favorite products. There are, of course, lots of gluten-free products on the market but you should look for the most health, including those that contain more protein and iron, which can be more easy to digest. With Naturewell juice bar LA you can look forward to a hassle-free service in which you choose a smoothie that contains lots of nutrients and that is good for your diet. Smoothies are great for those with gluten intolerances as they are rich in fruits and vegetables which are great for digestion and healing gut problems, which can accompany intolerances.

Health Benefits of Smoothies

Smoothies can be made up of all sorts of fruits and vegetables that taste great and will be beneficial to your overall health. Homemade smoothies will taste great but they can be quite time consuming to make every day, so why not head to Naturewell for your fix of great tasting vegan recipes. Our fresh ingredients are prepared lovingly every day by a team of trained staff who know just how to make a great tasting smoothie.