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Leading a vegan lifestyle can be expensive, especially when you choose to eat organic. When it comes to enjoying great tasting plant-based smoothies when on vacation you may be worrying about your budget but you need not worry. Naturewell LA Juice Bar is a fun and affordable way to immerse yourself in the spirit of LA’s healthy living scene.

Choose Naturewell Juice Bar

Naturewell LA Juice Bar offer affordable smoothies that can be ordered at your convenience. We always have 100% fresh ingredients to choose from, and are organic where possible. Heading to our vegan juice bar in LA on the way to work or a day out will mean you can have a great tasting plant based smoothie without the hassle and the heavy price tag. There are lots of choices to me made, with new recipes and flavors added every day. Our vegan chocolate smoothie is especially loved by our plant-based friends and we have to say it is very good!

100% Satisfaction

If you have to buy a long list of ingredients to make cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and acia bowls. If you don’t use everything you’ve bought, the leftovers will just go to waste. Naturewell offers great tasting recipes at fair prices. Heading to a vegan juice bar means that the hard work is done for you.

Not sure what smoothie is best for you? Search for the best healthy smoothies near me  and come and speak to one of the friendly Naturewell team members who can advise you on the best smoothies and juices for your dietary requirements.