Cold-pressed, also referred to as cold-press, juice is type of juice that you will see throughout LA juice bars that uses a hydraulic press to extract as much juice as possible from fruits and vegetables. When juice is cold-pressed it retains more nutrients and antioxidants compared to standard freshly squeezed juice. As you will find more vitamins and minerals in cold-press juice it is the healthier option if you are buying a juice in LA. The cold-pressed juice trend uses raw ingredients that are not exposed to any heat that may harm the nutrients which also means that they have a fuller flavor.

Custom Cold-Pressed Juice

Here at Naturewell Juice Bar LA we believe that our cold-pressed juices offer some of the best flavors in LA. We have a wide range of juices on our menu—from our Wake Up apple and ginger juice to our Life Line juice that promotes good heart health. If you do not fancy an LA cold-press juice from our menu you can make your own custom juice. Whether it be fresh blueberries mixed with apples and bell peppers or a carrot juice with a shot of turmeric, whatever you fancy we are sure to be able to help. Juices are great for breakfast, brunch or at any time when you feel like a vitamin pick-up throughout the day.

Check out our cold-press juices by searching for the best cold press juice in Los Angeles and discovering your nearest Naturewell Juice Bar.

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