It is important for us all to look after our health, none more so than pregnant women. As you need to keep both you and your baby healthy, you will looking at ways to improve your diet. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is one way to up your vitamin and mineral intake.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins that you should look to consume during your pregnancy. As well as providing many benefits in itself, vitamin C also plays a significant role in our body’s ability to absorb iron. People suffering from anaemia or who are pregnant, are encouraged to increase their intake of vitamin C, in order to boost their iron levels. Next time you are feeling a little run down and dash for iron rich foods, maybe just hit the fruit bowl instead, to see what difference it makes.

The Best Foods for Vitamin C

The usual suspects pop up when you look up what foods are rich in vitamin C, think oranges, berries and kiwi. There are, however, many other foods that give your body a good boost of our favourite vitamin. Green vegetables, like broccoli and kale, allow you to have a regular intake during dinner and you can get it from more exotic fruits, like papaya, if you want a change. The great thing about foods rich in vitamin C is that they are light and easy to digest, which is essential when we are feeling run down and cannot stomach heavy foods.

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