If you know that your immune system needs a boost or your are suffering from a chronic illness, the following foods should be added to your diet. All of the foods listed below can be found in the best juice bar in LA, Naturewell.


Drinking cold pressed celery juice will enhance your immune system as it the salt in the juice helps to protect your body. It is also a great way to cleanse your liver, which will help if you need to fight off disease.

Citrus Fruits

When we have a cold we often turn to vitamin C to help us shake it off. This is because vitamin C increases the amount of white blood cells in our body and therefore gives us a better chance to fight off infection. Our body does not store vitamin C so we need to ensure we add some to our diet each day.


Ginger is good for reducing inflammation and is especially good when we have a sore throat. Research has also shown that it can help to lower cholesterol and may also reduce chronic pain.


As well as being rich in vitamin C, spinach is rich in bet carotene and antioxidants which help boost our immune system.


This bitter spice has ant-inflammatory properties which can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and can also improve the effects of muscle damage.


Alongside vitamin C, vitamin E helps to fight against colds and disease and helps the immune system overall.

To enjoy the cold pressed juice in LA and the best smoothies in LA come along to Naturewell Juice Bar and we can blend whatever drink you need.

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