If you are a business, events company or a Hollywood studio and regularly book LA caterers for events investing in wholesale smoothies LA . Smoothies can be ordered on site for any type of event or staff gathering in LA, including:

Staff wellbeing days
Gym openings
Community events
Large staff meetings
Payday treat days for staff
TV and Film shoots
Promotional events
Store openings
Fashion shoots
Birthday parties

Health Benefits of Wholesale Smoothies LA

One of the best ways that we can stay positive is by feeling healthy on the inside. This means that we need to eat well, reduce the amount of sugar and fat that we are eating so we don’t feel sluggish, and ensure we eat lots of nutrients. As an event organizer or an employer this is exactly the experience that we want to give to staff and clients. By arranging for healthy food, such as wholesale smoothies and juices LA, you can help promote positive wellbeing.

Naturewell Juice Bar offers wholesale hand-crafted smoothies that can be ordered at your convenience and delivered direct. We always have 100% fresh ingredients to choose from, and are organic where possible. Ordering from our wholesale smoothie bar in LA on the way to work or a day out will mean you can have a great tasting plant-based smoothie as part of your catering package. There are lots of choices to be made, with new recipes and flavors added every day.

If you are are in LA and are looking for a wholesale smoothie bar near me, be sure to head to call Naturewell Juice Bar.

Naturewell Juice Bar understands the importance of your health and wellbeing, which is why we are a brand that you can trust. While we are awesome at creating natural and healthy fruit and vegetable based recipes, we are not health experts.

The information that we share on our blogs is based on our own personal experiences and research carried out by those in the health and wellbeing industry. We refer to the FDA and the USA Department of Health and Human Services for guidelines

Any information, recommendations, suggestions, testimonials, or advice that we offer regarding diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle should be discussed with your doctor or a qualified health professional. Any changes to your lifestyle may involve taking risks so it is important to understand that the information you receive on our website or in person, and from our product descriptions do not take the place of official medical advice.

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