Turmeric is becoming increasingly known as one of the ‘wonder ingredients’ of the world, with claims it can help with many aspects of your health, including reducing the risk of developing cancer and maintain optimum blood sugar levels. Turmeric is often used in curries and rices in powder form but you will now see fresh turmeric in whole food and grocery stores all around LA.

As well as being great in savory food, turmeric is a great ingredient for smoothies and cold pressed juice. Some of the benefits associated with turmeric include:

  • Supports good liver function
  • Aids digestion by stimulating digestive fluids
  • Protects cells
  • Protects joints and promotes flexibility
  • Can regulate blood fat levels after meals

Turmeric Smoothies

As the best juice bar in LA, Naturewell allow our customers to make up their own smoothies so that they can add their favorite ingredients. The smoothies that we have on our current menu would work well with turmeric added and you can also add them to our cold pressed juices, which happen to be the best cold pressed juices in LA. The additional ingredients in our turmeric smoothies will provide many other health benefits and will leave you feeling healthier all round.

Naturewell Juice Bar

Naturewell is a popular Los Angeles juice bar that serves up smoothies, cold presses, acia bowls, and healthy drinks from leading brands. We source the best ingredients possible and buy organic wherever possible. Our turmeric that we use in our smoothies is always bought fresh and prepared daily so that you get the most out of this wonder ingredient.

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