If you have an Amazon Echo you will be happy to know that is can  provide you with information on an array of topics concerning your local area. This could include everything from “where can I get my cell phone fixed?” “Where can I get the best juice in LA”. When you enter your zip code and address into your Amazon Echo voice assistant, Alexa can supply the names and locations of various businesses. You will be able to find contact details and opening times as well as some menu information, though you may not be able to get this information from all businesses.

Location Skills

If you are not sure how you can turn on the location services on your Amazon Echo so that you can search for a “juice place near me”, take a look at this simple guide:

Step 1: Provide Alexa with your location by opening up the Alexa device on your phone or mobile device.

Step 2: Click the Hamburger icon ()

Step 3: Go to settings and selected the name of your Echo device

Step 4: Swipe to the device location section and enter your ZIP code

Step 5: If you want to give a more precise location rather than just your ZIP code you can enter it

Step 6: Click save and you are all set

You can check that you have set the service up correctly by asking Alexa to search for certain things such as local theaters, restaurants and juice bars near me. If you are not sure what to ask, here are a few ideas:

“Alexa, what is the nearest supermarket to me?” or “Alexa,where is the nearest juice bar near me?” or “Alexa, where can I get the best cold press juice?” .Alexa will then provide you with appropriate suggestions. Once you have tested you can go ahead find the places that you will want to visit, such as the best juice bar Los Angeles has to offer, Naturewell Juice Bar.

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