Following a vegetarian or vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great tasting food and drinks. You’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle. You want to pack your body full of the right nutrients but that does not mean eating bland food. Rather piling your basket high so that you spend your munching fruits and veggies, you can get most of your daily vitamins from one vegan smoothie a day! A juice bar is a fun place to hang out with your friends and have great tasting foods and drinks at a great price.

Naturewell Vegetarian Delights

The team at Naturewell LA juice bar designs menus that suit all dietary requirements, and everything we serve is made from fresh products every day. It is our aim to supply organic food where possible, depending on our local suppliers. Even when our ingredients are not organic they are 100% fresh. Enjoy great smoothies or 100% fruit juices at one of the best juice bars in Los Angeles — Naturewell Juice Bar. We want our customers to come back time and time again which means spending time so that we can offer the best juice in LA.

Whether you are an LA resident or your are a vegetarian heading to LA on vacation, come say hello and we can waken your senses with our fresh delights.

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