Natural juice is great to consume any time, as part of a healthy breakfast, as a meal replacement, as part of a juice cleanse, or to quench your thirst on a busy day.

Why Natural Juice?

Fruits and vegetables naturally contain juice. With naturalfresh juice, you don’t need to worry about your drink being packed full of added sugar or preservatives. You don’t need to worry that your food has been processed to the point that its healthiness has been compromised. Plus, you’ll easily notice the delicious flavors of the fruit are much more prominent when they’re not masked by unnecessary ingredients.

Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Natural fruit juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It can also be high in calories, which is why it should be consumed sensibly– while taking home a jug of juice from the supermarket might seem like a quick fix, you could take in more sugars and calories than you should without even knowing it. Heading to a Naturewell Juice Bar is a great alternative. We’ll measure the ingredients of your smoothie or cold-pressed juice with care, to ensure that you get the correct portion size and the right balance of nutrients.

Great for Fighting Off Colds and Viruses

One of the main benefits of natural juice is that the vitamins in fruits and vegetables can really help you fight off colds and viruses. By boosting your immune system with natural fruit juice—the more natural the better—you can look forward to fewer infections, especially during cold months, which means less reliance on medications.

Nutrients and Antioxidants

When buying juice in stores, be on the lookout for unhealthy additives. While you’re at it, make sure you’re drinking the correct amount for your needs. We aim to be as organic as possible and are buying more and more organic produce. Or, if you don’t want to worry about additives and portion sizes, then head to Naturewell Juice Bar, where experienced staff can make your juice up for you in just the right proportions.

Naturewell has a range of tasty natural juice and smoothie recipes packed full of fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, spinach, pineapple, apple, ginger, beets, kale and oranges, plus many more. Naturewell Juice Bar serves up some of the best naturalfresh and healthy juice recipes in Los Angeles. Our friendly staff are ready to welcome you with our latest recommendations.

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