There’s a health food store that makes vegan juices for sale. It’s existed for a long time and has a large number of visitors per week. It’s a good place to just relax and have fun.

Are you a film industry looking for unique filming locations for rent? There are numerous filming and photo shoot locations in Silverlake that you would find out are really great. And there are also location scouts In Altadena, Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and Hollywood.

What do we have?

The location is a very film friendly area. It’s an ideal rent location available for filming in as the small town look and feel makes it easy to shoot your films and photos. The following are the benefits you would get when you rent with us for your filming.

Open Space

When you rent the place, you get a big open space to use for your filming and photo shoots. The well-cut grass and lawn can be a very good concept, ensuring neat and great shots.

Office Space

Filming usually goes on for days, weeks and so on. And you would need spaces to keep your equipment secure and safe. There are office spaces for that. Even apart from keeping your equipment, you can make use of the offices for regular ‘office work’ like paperwork, meeting people and the likes.


Our restaurant is available for your crew and cast members whenever they’re tired and just need somewhere to relax and eat. They don’t have to walk a long distance for that. We have a wide range of pocket-friendly meals that your people can have quick and get back to work on time.

Retail Store

There’s a retail store on ground too just in case the crew or cast members need to quickly get something.

Classic Building

In your filming and photo shoot, would you need a classic building as a concept for a scene? Yes, we have that too. It’s beautiful, neat and well-maintained.

Small Town Look and Feel

The location itself feels like a small town and you would definitely be comfortable, with almost everything available at your fingertips. There’s a nostalgic look to the location.

Film Friendly Area

All the points above must have shown you that we definitely have a film friendly area available for rent. You,or any of the crew members and cast, will never have a reason to regret using the place. We offer you quality. Everything that you would need for a successful filming and photo shoot has been provided.

We promise you the best. Contact Naturewell Juice  today.

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