In order to stay for and healthy you need to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet that contains lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables in your Naturewell Juice Bar LA smoothie means that you can look forward to lots of vitamins and minerals.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, lemons and limes are common citrus fruits that can be consumed as part of your very day diet. They are easy to eat either on their own or, in the case of lemons and limes, in juices and smoothies. Grapefruits are other popular citrus fruits that can be be eaten at any time of the day and can be found in juices and smoothies at Naturewell Juice Bar LA.

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits, such as those found in Naturewell’s LA cold-press juice help when you have a virus as they contain high levels of vitamin C.  Natural juices and smoothies contain  high-levels, if not, 100%,  of your RDA (recommended daily allowance)  of vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells.  The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also help our body fight against the disease itself and relives some symptoms. You will get an extra boost of these antioxidants if you combine your citrus fruits with things like blueberries, which we can do at the best smoothie bar in LA, Naturewell.

If you are currently feeling fatigued or your immune system keeps pocking up colds, make sure your body is in the best position to get back on track and visit Naturewell Juice Bar LA today.

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