Cold-pressed juice is a fantastic way to offer non-alcoholic drinks to your outdoor wedding guests. With many couples having a zero-alcohol or a low-alcohol weddings there is more demand for refreshments such as juice and smoothies. Naturewell Juice Bar LA offer a unique delivery service in which we can provide all of your cold-pressed juice to your wedding or event.

The Best Cold-Press Catering in Los Angeles

Naturewell Juice Bar LA is one of the most popular cold-press juice bars in the city due to its healthy menu, excellent customer service and great value for money menu.

When booking with Naturewell Juice Bar cold-press juice catering you can rest relax in the knowledge that we will offer a professional service that will impress you and your guests. Our juices and smoothies are made by a professional team with many years of experience in the LA juice bar industry.

Custom Menus

Whether you are holding your wedding party in your own backyard or in a private Hollywood venue, we can ensure that there are lots of great menu items at a great price. Our cold-press juice catering menu is packed full of tasty items such as Healthy Heart and G-Immunity natural  juices. You can choose your favorite recipes from our classic menu or design a bespoke service just for your special day.

Join the cold-press juice for weddings trend by booking with Naturewell Juice Bar today—you will not be disappointed.

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