With many US citizens suffering from celiac disease and more people becoming intolerant to gluten, the rise in gluten-free cooking has been huge. Rather than being bland and repetitive, gluten-free cooking can be exciting and varied, especially when you plan ahead.

Meal planning is not only a great way eat on a budget, it reduces the chances of you inadvertently eating gluten when you are rushing around trying to get dinner cooked. By shopping in advance and thinking about what meals you can prepare through the week, your diet will be a lot more varied.

Naturewell Gluten Free

To help you with your gluten free diet when you have no time to prepare lunch or snacks, Naturewell Juice Bar have you covered. As well as many gluten-free recipes on our menu, we stock some of the leading US health food brands, many of which has products that do not contain gluten. One of the best selling gluten-free brands in LA is Margeaux and Linda’s. This mother, brother and daughter team are on a mission to bring high-quality vegan and free from food to those with a healthy mind or who have specific dietary requirements.

Creative Ingredients

Whether it is lemon-massaged kale or sunflower vegan sausage, the team spend their days lovingly preparing meals for their customers. A lot of care is taken to ensure that the meals that Margeaux and Linda make are nutritionally correct and will give people the vitamins and minerals that they need as part of a healthy diet.

If you have not tried this delicious gluten-free brand, head to Naturewell today and grab a juice and the latest Margeaux and Linda recipe.

Address: Naturewell Juice Bar: Address: 3824 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA

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