If you are in the LA wellbeing industry and you regularly hold events  you are likely to be on the lookout for new and exciting teams to work with. If you want a truly custom detox juice service that ticks the healthy box as well as the taste and cost boxes then Naturewell Juice Bar LA is the team that will elevate your next event.

Choose Your Custom Detox Juice Menu

Naturewell Juice Bar LA create custom smoothies and cold-press juices that can be delivered to your event at any time of the day. We can prepare all of our healthy drinks on site and deliver them at your desire wherever you are in LA. Naturewell Juice Bar has a variety of tasty recipes on offer, some packed full of deliciously healthy vegetables and others full of top-quality fruit that is fresh and healthy.

Detox Juice Services on a Budget

If you are on a budget and you are wondering how you can afford a craft smoothie service for your event you can rest assured that Naturewell Juice Bar offers great value packages. Forgot about expensive event catering and opt for a brand that will still deliver top class service but at a low price and a truly custom service.

Cold-Press Juice Direct to your Location

You may be worried about how you can get custom smoothies and LA detox juices  to come to your event if you are outside the city or somewhere fancy. Again, you need not worry as you will find that Naturewell can travel to many areas across the city. Our stores are based in Silverlake, Altadena, and Downtown so we have you covered wherever you are. We just need to have a chat with the wonders of your chosen venue and we can come up with a plan that fits everyone.

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