As we 2022 comes to an end and we look forward to the new year, there are lots of resolutions being made. Many people will vow to get fit, lose weight, and improve their lifestyle and will begin to search for the best smoothies in LA. Naturewell Juice Bar is healthy, natural store that want to help our customers start their new year as healthily as possible.

If you are looking for inspiration to get healthy, as well as searching for fresh juices near me, you can follow these 6 easy steps.

1.Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals is the only way that you are going to feel good about yourself when losing weight. Just because your cousin lost 1 stone in a month does not mean that you will do too.


If you are feeling sluggish and have over indulged over the holiday season then a juice detox will help you feel refreshed again. To sample the best cold pressed juice LA has to offer, Naturewell Juice Bar has a range of juices, smoothies and shakes that are packed full of goodness.

3.Get Active

It is important to ensure that your body has enough fuel before you commit to a workout, especially if it is high intensity. Great foods for fueling the body include banana, peanut butter, dried fruit, and nuts.

4.Get Lean

Losing weight is not always about being skinny as some people aim for a more muscular physique. If you want to have lean muscle then products that are packed full of protein will provide your body with the essential supplements that it needs to achieve definition by adding weight loss and muscle production.

5.Plan Meals

Meal planning is essential when it comes to losing weight. When you are unprepared and are buying food on the go you are more likely to make unhealthy choices. By writing a shopping list and sticking to it you will not be tempted to pop junk food into your trolley and you will know that you have all of the ingredients to make a healthy meal.

6. Reward Yourself

Dieting and exercising can be hard work and you should reward yourself for doing a great job. Each time you achieve one of your short-term goals you can reward yourself with a treat to eat or a night off exercising, or, if you want to stay on track, you can buy yourself something nice as a reward.

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