Fresh-pressed celery juice can do wonders for your body and your health. Its powerful properties can target important aspects of your body in the most microscopic of levels—engaging it in a healing and health-boosting journey.

Although you should always be encouraged to get in your other free juices and veggies, you should take your celery juice in on its own—on an empty stomach so it can best work its magic with digestion.

Digestion isn’t the only thing that celery juice can improve. Its properties host a whole stalk of benefits.

For the full scientific clarification of all the health benefits of celery juice, please read this blog:

Here are our top 10 benefits:

 1. It Helps Fight Cancer:

In celery, there are 8 different anti-cancer substances. For example, some ingredients prevent tumor cells from growing, makes the growth of cancerous cells inactive, and stops free radicals from destroying our DNA, just to name a few.

2. It Helps Bring Down Cholesterol:
Scientifically speaking, it reduces the bad cholesterol in our blood and bodies. Upon consuming, steroid acids are released, which takes that cholesterol number down.

3. It Helps Regulate Blood Pressure:
Celery decreases the number of stress hormones being released into your body and relaxes the muscles present around your blood vessels.

4. It Helps With Digestion Flow:
Since it is packed with fiber, it prevents constipation and helps the whole system run smoothly.

5. It Fights Against Diseases:
It helps prevent acute inflammation in bone and respiratory diseases.

6. It Works as a Diuretic:
Celery juice also helps the body produce urine, regulating your body fluid and getting your sodium and potassium levels under control.

7. It Helps You on Your Journey to a Healthier You:
Since celery itself is extremely low in calories, the juice is, as well. The best part is that it helps keep you feeling full, so you don’t have an appetite for other foods.

8. It Helps Treat Sleep Disorders:
The magnesium and the essential oils in celery juice are soothing to our bodies and nerves, which helps us sleep.

9. It Helps with Skin Hydration:
Since celery is basically all water—well, at least 95 percent of it is, it will keep you and your skin cells hydrated. The vitamins in celery also repair damages to the skin and produce collagen to make our skin healthier.

10. It is Great for Your Hair:
The vitamin A in celery targets the roots of hair strands and gives them a health boost, all the while promoting growth and improving texture.

Here at Naturewell Juice Bar, we offer celery juice to our customers, made 100 percent in our store, fresh and blended from our shelves to your health. You can also easily order bulk cold press celery juice, as well.

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