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If you are currently taking part in dry January or you have given up alcohol for good, you will be on the look out for tasty drinks to fill the gap. Drinking cold pressed juice and the best smoothies in LA will not only replace the need for a drink but they will also help with your liver cleanse.

Naturewell Juice Bar serves up the best smoothies Los Angeles has to offer and we serve up the below smoothies to help your through your dry months.

1.Naturewell Special smoothie

Made up of coconut meat and water, bananas, grapes, strawberries, and agave, this tasty smoothie will certainly liven up your day and won’t make you miss alcohol.

2.Pineapple Sensation

Simply sensational. the tasty ingredients in this smoothie will help refresh your liver as the pineapple helps to cleanse the impurities you have built up through drinking.

3.Coconut Kale

Any leafy green vegetables will help filter toxins due to the high chlorophyll levels—it tastes amazing too!


The blueberries and raspberries in this delicious smoothie are full of antioxidants to help cleanse the liver and fight against free radicals

5.Super Acai

Simply super as this is full to the brim with goodness including apple juice which can help the liver to process fat more easily

If you don’t fancy any of these then you can make up your own smoothie with the vast array of fruits and vegetables that we have on offer. You can add the likes of lemons, celery, beets, and spinach which are all great for helping your liver detox.

To drink smoothies and cold pressed juicers at the best juice bar in LA, visit Naturewwell Juice Bar today.